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In our form of Ozone Therapy, we strive to make use of our talents to do more for every patient that comes, we only accept a small number of patients at a time so that we can provide them the attention they deserve. We are not about mass healing, we are about healing one by one, the way we believe healing should occur. The body while sick is very complex and as such needs much more detailed attention, something that we are proud to provide to each and every patient that puts their trust in our work with medical ozone therapy.

Past Ozone Therapy Patients Comments

" I can also vouch for my son, who is 10 yrs. old and multiply handicapped, who came here with me a "failure to thrive" child who has gained 12 lbs. under the doctors' care. He will be free from a brain virus in several weeks that was progressing and would eventually take his life. His viral count was over 3 million and is now 164 and counting down. And this was accomplished without ozone therapy! I had numerous diagnosis of a sensitive nature that have been completly eradicated with herbs plus RHP/EBOO. All in less than 5 months! So, fear not. These things are not so mysterious. These doctors are truly amazing and compassionate. The only requirements are obedience (you must take all the supplements and herbs directed) and patience (time). Blessings and improved health to each and every one of you." LK - 2010


"Only eleven days here at the Ozone Hospital, and I continue to find myself stunned at how a true physician works. Really, the experience of authentic medicine is astonishing. After spending so much time, energy and expense on healing over the last five years in both the American traditional and alternative medical systems, to feel completely, without doubt, that you're in the right hands, compassionate hands that are capable, wise, prudent, intelligent and divinely intuitive is the most welcome gift of one can imagine. Eternally, I am grateful to have found a sanctuary of true healing, a Mecca of authentic medicine." - AK - 2010


"Wow, many thanks to you and Dr. A. That is very extensive bloodwork. More than even I do and I usually do a lot on each patient. Quite expensive as well I am sure." Dr.MS - 2010

" Who would think that in a place like Malaysia in a quaint place like yours I would recieve what I have been searching for half my life. I will have to admit at first I was a little sceptical but you did prove yourselves beyond my expectation, keep up the great work and do not change your style, it is a breath of fresh air!" - MV - 2011

" Just wanted to send a quick note of thank you for your efforts and to give you my appreciation for all the work that you had but towards my case. I thought that I was just coming to have one issue taken care of but with all the intense testing that you did, I was surprized to learn that I had more issues than I knew. Thankfully you have managed to resolve them all for me, something that I would have never thought possible. Your attention to my health as an individual was truly special. I now feel free to plan a future without disese, no words can ever express my gratitude." - TJ - 2012

"What gets to me is that I have been everywhere to see countless doctors and specialist in my sick life, none, no one could tell me what was wrong with me. I come here and in three to four days these guys figured it out, unbelievable! To think of all the funds I could have saved if I would have come here first instead of wasting my time and money. I am helthy and free and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Your dedication and work needs to be recognized by all." - JS - 2012


"Ozone therapy is almost everywhere now and it seems to be growing. I sent an email to Professor Peter and to my surprize recieved a call the next day. We talked for what seemed like a long time and I told him my situation. I was baffled when he explained that he could not tell me what the protocol would be until they had a chance to check my condition out, but I thought ok, they know better. I went there a short time later to get rid of my herpes and they started testing and testing, must have taken every fluid and every scan possible. Funny, turns out that herpes was the least of my issues, I had heart issues, liver issues and a host of problems. You know what though, they cleared them all and gave me a DNA negative on herpes and for the same cost. In this day of rush, rush, they took their time to make certain that I was as fit as I could be." - VL - 2013





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This is an informational video mix of the best in Medical Ozone Therapies using the most advanced modalities developed by Ozone Therapy Center and Ozone Research Group. Internationally recognized for their comittment in the this field and for their research, use, certification and education regarding Medical Ozone EBOO/RHP Therapies. Also the only certified and authorized organizations licensed to build true EBOO/RHP Ozone Generators. We apologize in advance for the clarity and quality of the video as some parts are very old.







Mr. Chin's Heart Story, Read Full Festimony

Mr. Chin Therapy Update Read Here






















 With the help of our wonderful clients that are more than happy to share their experience with us, we have quite a few short videos for you to watch and enjoy. Click Here For More Therapy Videos From...OZONERESEARCH GROUP INC.



We have been working hard on the building of our orphanage in the last few months and it is now ready to house 66 children from all over the world. It is a total of 7700sq. ft. and these fortunate children will be housed by us and taken right through to University, we are both proud and fortunate to be able to do this in an effort to help society. There is a school set up in the orphanage based on UK and North American standards, at this time we are already enrolling children from the nearby village. We are accepting donations if you would like to help and you can contact me for further information, help us to help them...More Coming...

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PLEASE NOTE: Ozonehospital is a trade name and any inference to hospitals is not intended nor iferred.


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Professor Ozone Peter Jovanovic


The Controversial World of Medical Ozone Therapy Use

Comprehensive blog on Medical Ozone Therapy. What is Ozone and Ozone Therapies in the world today explained and detailed, as well as it's historical use and significance. Many subjects are included such as Diseases, Conditions, Humanity, Medical Mafia, Government Control, Pharmaceutical Control, Blunders, Natural Medicine, Conventional Medicine, Complimentary Health, Alternative Health and more...



Premier Medical Ozone Unit    Portable Medical Ozone Unit   Personal Medical Ozone Unit

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These are the only Medical Ozone Therapy machines of their kind in the world. The only units certified for all applications of Ozone Therapies and oxygen therapies. These units will last and are guaranteed to run a continuous 10000 hours without fail and are warrantied for five years. Contact us for prices and other questions.

RHP/EBOO Brief Overview

The True Power Of RHP/EBOO

RHP/EBOO Ozone Therapy

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Personal Consultations Available!

Been around the block with therapies  and therapists that promise. Feel like you have been used as a test subject? The key to any disease and its eradication is not in the ability to reverse the symptoms but in the ability to create a workable solution to whatever is crippling the patient from living a good quality of life. Here, at Ozone Hospital we take a different approach to healing, we are not just the only manufacturers of the most advanced Medical Ozone therapy Units in the world but we are also the only team in the world certified to use these therapies for diseases such as Lyme, Cancer, HIV, etc.. as well as any and all Cardivascular issues.

As a bonus we have on our staff both a master of Biochemistry and Herbal Chemistry as well as a Professor of Natural Medicine. To add to this we have a vast network of doctors and specialists more than ready to heal in any situation either with conventional medicine or without. These modalities work hand in hand to deliver the most effective therapeutic program ever concieved anywhere.

Our method of healing is unmatched in power and efficacy because we do not accept many patients at a time, instead we like to work with a small group of patients so that we can in turn concentrate on a specific protocol catered to the individual patient, their disese and regeneration of their health to a normal status. This is unheard of in many circles but we truly believe it to be the only way to treat. In our position, we teach these methods to others and truly hope that this becomes a standard in patient care throughout the world in the future.

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Ozone Therapy In Medical Science

Perhaps when the term ozone is mentioned, only one thing comes into your mind – the atmosphere.  This is what almost all laymen know about ozone – that layer of the atmosphere which protects us from the sun’s dangerous rays. To chemists, perhaps they would delve a little deeper; they might relate it to a rare laboratory reagent for oxidizing those double bonds on many chemical species. Ozone or O3 is an active gas but surprisingly, it is being used in medicine today as ozone therapy!

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 Benefits Of Ozone

A brief history of man will reveal that much of the bloodshed and wars did take a toll on our population. The many enmities between and among races and creeds brought nations and kingdoms to either great heights or great doom. Countless encounters are chronicled which highlight man’s demise and near extinction.

Another chapter in the almost sudden demise of man is noteworthy, not for the gore and hatred, but for the seemingly invisible invaders which gradually creep and silently slaughtered man. This micro invaders generated much mysticism and wonder among scientists and religionists that eventually led to man’s mad attempt to explain the unknown or blame Deity. With the emergence of modern science and medicine came the understanding of the alien-like microbes. This understanding led to seek for ways in controlling, killing, and containing these disease-causing microorganisms. The attempts went far and wide; every possible alternative and solutions have been located, studied, and tried to see which would be best. It was during this stage of seeking for remedy when one stumbled upon a compound known as medical ozone.

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Safety of Ozone

Ozone therapy is a popular type of medical treatment in the modern world. In medical science, medical ozone has been used to treat infections, wounds, multiple diseases, and to disinfect drinking water. It is effective as an anticancer, antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal agent and for that ozone is unsurpassed, mainly because there are no appreciable side effects.

More On The Safety Of This Therapy...

Medical Ozone And Prevention

Today, pathogenic diseases are becoming very common. Diseases like measles, typhoid and chicken-pox are coming back in a more deadly fatal form. Even uses of the highest dosage of prominent antibiotics have failed in the proper cure of these diseases. Deadly outbreaks are emerging again and again, leaving many people dead. Diarrhea, cholera and malaria are very common cases of mass death in the Asia and Africa. And also Europe and USA are not an exceptions in this. People in the modernized world are more vulnerable to pathogens than the people of the third world. Avian Influenza, SARS and Swine Flu have emerged all over the world, took the lives of a large number of people and left a big question mark to the health security of the modern world. Also there is another possible risk of mass outbreak in a devastating form as the pathogens of these diseases are becoming resistant to antibiotics and mutating as continuously changing biological strains to a more deadly form.

More On Prevention...


Medical Ozone Therapy And Lyme Disease

Ozone therapy plays an important role in treating Lyme disease.  A large number of antibiotics are used in the therapy for Lyme disease that range from protein synthesis inhibitors (macrolide and tetracycline class, eg high dose doxycycline) to high dose cell-wall agents (cefuroxime, cefixime, amoxicillin, with or without probenecid). These agents can kill enough pathogens in chronic Lyme disease treatment so that the immune system can catch up.

More On Lyme Disease...

Ozone For Diabetes


 Ozone therapy has been used for the treatment of many dangerous diseases. The conventional treatment system has been not so much of a benefit in the case of these diseases. Diabetes is one. In many countries of the world, ozone therapy is used for diabetes treatment.

  More On Diabetes ...


Oxygen/Ozone Therapy In Heart Disease
 Ozone therapy is the fastest known method of treatment for patients with heart disease like cardiovascular complexities and fatigue. It takes less expense and time in comparison to the invasive procedures such as heart by-pass surgery or angioplasty.

More On Oxygen/Ozone...

o3 In The Treatment Of Hepatitis C

Ozone therapy a revolutionary term in medical science today was originally developed by Nikola Tesla in 1900. Almost every hospital in Germany is using this method and has been since 1960, and recently Russia and Cuba are using it as well. Medical Ozone has proven its power in treating a wide range of diseases. Now, it has also brought hope for patients with chronic hepatitis C. Hepatitis C (HCV) is well known for its frequent occurrence and strong prevalence base, hence termed as a global epedemic. Medical ozone due to its special biological properties theoretically and practically deactivates HCV.

SARS: Method of treatment With Ozone Therapy

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) is an infectious viral disease that affects the respiratory system of humans. The SARS Coronavirus (SARS-CoV) is responsible for this virulent disease. It is an acute, rapidly progressing, pan-inflammatory infection which, predicated upon the quasispecies involved, may present distressful mortality outcomes. This complex syndrome makes the way to develop severe respiratory distress and desaturation of oxygen in the patient. This is where medical ozone therapy comes into play!



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